What Are My Crimes?

Because I’m a religious bigot; in fact, I hate all religions. Naturally, I am also a Suppressive Person, and therefor a criminal, as well as possibly insane. What are my crimes? There are too many to say, let alone count.

That’s what Scientology (or one of their front groups, Religious Freedom Watch) will tell you, anyway. Of course, if you really want to know why, all you have to do is spend some time around here. Or visit any of the links in the sidebar. No, I don’t hate Scientologists. They have every bit of my sympathy. I am one of the many, many people worldwide who are disturbed by the abusive behavior and edicts of the “Church” (cult).

Yes, I do hang around ARS with all sorts of other unsavory SP-types like myself. Yes, Anonymous is my homeboy. And yes, OSA, all your Orgs are belong to us.

I am a critic. I am concerned, compassionate human being. I am anon. Most of all, though, I am Xenuphobe.

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