1 year and some months later…

After a prolonged absence to finish an advanced degree, as well as a lot of deliberation, I’ve decided to come back and work on this project some more. I had no idea it accumulated any traffic during this period, and I suspect I have the kind folks at ESK to thank for all this upstat goodness.

But before continuing with any other new posts, I wanted to briefly explain another reason I had left this site hanging for so long: honestly, after a lot of hard work by many an Anonymi, it seemed as though the war on C0$ therapy cult and its imperial wizard, The Dwarf, had faded out almost as quickly as it began. Enturbulation disappeared. Cranky oldfags on /b/ became even more cantankerous about the moralfaggotry resulting from the lulz–>serious business conversion reaction. Jewtube began to carry even more C0$ ads. Finally, I despaired. Continue reading

Amnesty International wants to hear from ESKs
March 8, 2008, 4:14 pm
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That’s right, Amnesty International–or at least their Southern US Division–wants to hear from ex-Scientology kids about their experiences growing up in the Xenu Cult. They have asked for email-only information, but understand that many ESKs may wish to remain anonymous, and as such are accepting unsigned emails. In other words, just set up an anonymous gmail/hotmail/yahoomail account, and away you go. Continue reading