Operation Reconnect April
Hot, steamy action on April 12. Moar data soon.
Operation Party Hard (was a massive success!)
Anonymous Lobby Against Scientology
Anonymous!March 4th is the first wave of the Anonymous Lobby Against Scientology. I am calling on everyone to make a couple of phone calls and write a couple of faxes to your district’s Representative, as well as Senator Feinstein and Senator Boxer (our two Senators).All of this contact information will be on this page by 9AM tomorrow morning (so it will be incomplete up until that time).All you have to do is go to that website and find the appropriate Representative for your district (ctrl+f and search for the town you live, and see if you can find it in an address. PROTIP: The further South in California, the larger the “number” of your district). Place a call to their federal office, and their state offices. Don’t be afraid to give an alias (or hell, your real name if you’re that comfortable); “Anonymous” doesn’t give them much to work with and concerned constituents with a name are more credible. Send a fax with a typed letter. In future weeks, we may have form letters available, but nothing is better than something you put a little thought in to yourself.Remember: the purpose of these calls is to call for an investigation in to the circumstances under which the Church of Scientology received their tax exemption, to call for the unsealing of their secret agreement with the IRS, and to ultimately show that they have violated said secret agreement, and should no longer have their tax exempt status.For extra credit, you should read some documentation before making the call or fax so you are well informed. This is a TLDR post, but is well worth the read if you have the time.

It explains the harassment and beating in to submission that Co$ performed on the IRS. They got the IRS on their knees, begging them to stop, and the secret agreement was made.

At any rate, Anonymous all over the country will be calling their senators and representatives. Not to be shown up, SoCal should try and be the most proactive of the regions. Make those calls and faxes on Tuesday!

The next protest is March 15th at Big Blue, 11AM. More information is forthcoming. Please continue to check these e-mails after couple of days.


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