1 year and some months later…

After a prolonged absence to finish an advanced degree, as well as a lot of deliberation, I’ve decided to come back and work on this project some more. I had no idea it accumulated any traffic during this period, and I suspect I have the kind folks at ESK to thank for all this upstat goodness.

But before continuing with any other new posts, I wanted to briefly explain another reason I had left this site hanging for so long: honestly, after a lot of hard work by many an Anonymi, it seemed as though the war on C0$ therapy cult and its imperial wizard, The Dwarf, had faded out almost as quickly as it began. Enturbulation disappeared. Cranky oldfags on /b/ became even more cantankerous about the moralfaggotry resulting from the lulz–>serious business conversion reaction. Jewtube began to carry even more C0$ ads. Finally, I despaired.

I had hoped we were building a sustainable, long-term movement against the Cult of Scamology, but began to fear that the movement being built was composed largely of fellow travelers who at some point simply just got bored or busy or jaded and then dropped out. All things grow, adapt or die. It appeared the anti-Scn faction of Anon was taking the latter route. I began to have a lot more going on, so ultimately I ended up dropping out too.

But there was a sustained movement well before Anonymous, and there will be one long after. And the truth was, I missed that movement. So after revisiting ESK and getting myself a little thinspiration, I decided to climb back on teh winwagon. Plus, there’s been too much delicious shit being leaked lately to not post more.

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