Anonymous-NYC launches website, doesn’t afraid of anything
March 19, 2008, 12:25 am
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Anon-NYC has launched its very own wiki. For those other anons living in the big aypl, we now have our own special place to get in touch (you know, other than our genitalia). Plus, since it’s a wiki, you know what that means: it’s time to party–and we will party hard.

Also, an important part of the new wiki is its patented Anonymous SP “Make Fundraising Upstat Tech.” See, in order to get a permit for April 12, pay for all the new Golden Age of IRL Raid Tech for next month, and to help financially support the two anons who were arrested on 3/15 in Atlanta, we need some cashage. That’s where you come in–unless you’re broke, anyway. The goal is $1,000. So far we are only at $256.65 (and $200 of that is from one person). As you can see, Longcat may be long, but his appetite for win, in all its awesome majesty, has yet to be satisfied. Please, do it for Longcat.

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how can I get the money to you?
I am not from the US but willing to support fellow anons with Ca$h from overseas

Comment by Anonymous

as long as it’s not dirty money that they can sue us on 😉 lol, unless you’re a scientologist trying to send us white powders :O

Comment by Anon


I have already been reviewing xenuphobia.wordpress.com staying lurker for your time now.
I elected that I want to get involved and interact with the other folks here.
I’m hoping to meet a lot of fascinating people today and learn some remarkable stuff.

Hopefully this post is not in a bad section. Forgive me if “Anonymous-NYC” is inappropriate.


Human Resources Management Consultant

Comment by envenioum

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