Why do you make me do this to you?!
March 8, 2008, 4:42 pm
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“I only hit you because I love you! I’m sorry baby; come back. I won’t hurt you anymore. I promise. Come on, baby.” Yes, those are the words you might hear Cult of Scientology president David Miscaviage (DM) say if you happened to be his bayotch of the month. Or if your name is Jeff Hawkins.

Hawkins, a former Scientology cult member, who worked on graphic design and advertising for the cult (including some of the D:MSMH advertisements with the volcanoes) speaks on Tom Smith’s WXYB show, The Edge.

Among other things, Jeff adds his name to the growing list of defectors who have personally observed DM box the rosy ears of upper-level Scns. Among other things, Jeff relates:

“He never liked me. …He’s a very intense forceful commanding person. His public persona…he’s very intense…he has a certain kind of charisma…when you’re dealing with him…He is very intense and forceful and he actually rules the place through threats and fear and intimidation. And he loves to intimidate people and put them down.

“I have seen him take a senior executives who, for instance, Norman starky, who at one point was a top executive in Religious Technology Center … I have seen him just intimidate and insult him at a meeting with other staff…but in front of them he’ll just belittle him, and make fun of him, and intimidate him … Miscaviage has a shocking vocabulary … of profanity which he uses liberally. … It was just a way he had of controlling people. … He did [resort to physical violence], he did. … This shocked me the first time I saw it … the first time I experienced that, it was me that he was become violent with. … It was a large meeting … he began to make fun of me … and threaten me … and then pretty much without warning he jumped up on top of the desk and launched himself at me across the desk, and battered my face repeatedly and knocked me onto the floor, tearing my shirt and stormed out of the room. And I was completely shocked … because I had never seen him be physically violent with someone before. … I found out later…that yes, yes this was a common occurrence. …

“And then following that there was another four or so incidences where he physically hit me, and usually not with a closed fist in the face. … [A]lthough he did punch me in the gut one time, took my breath away. One time he just slapped the side of my head repeatedly with the flat of his hand until my ears rang. And shoved me, and knocked me down and so forth.”

After one such an incident, DM asked Hawkins, “Do you know why I beat you up?” “No sir,” Hawkins replied. DM did not mince words: “To show you who’s boss.” “You’re not even supposed to flinch,” Jeff explained, “you’re just supposed to take what he dishes out. … It’s sort of a Stockholm Syndrome.” Of course DM would probably have a different way of putting it: as that old adage goes, “don’t hate the playa, hate tha game.”

When his wife asked him what happened to him, after seeing scratches on his face, Hawkins actually replied (and I shit you not): “I fell down the stairs.” Wow.

As Jeff puts it, it’s “all about money.” “Money, money, money. … That chain of fear goes all the way up to David Miscaviage.” For “street walkers” (or “ladies of the night,” as my grammy calls them) or fans of Chapelle’s Show, this will no doubt sound familiar. Is David Miscaviage gonna have to choke a bitch?

Indeed, DM, your pimp hand is strong, son.

Jeff also does a great job explaining exactly why it is so hard to simply “walk away” from the cult; which is a question frequently asked of long-time ex-members and other victims.

Oh, and Henning Bendorf: watch your back, playa.

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