Flunk: $cn not-so-lucky in Kentucky
March 7, 2008, 5:26 pm
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As mentioned in yesterday’s entheta, Scn sent a gaggle of goosestepping PR bitches off to U. of Kentucky to “educate” about their “religion.” I hope you didn’t worry that they’d fail (flunk?) to live up to their long-established image of ARC-spewing, non-answering, communication-course-touting, glossy-eyed shithouse rats–because that would be some straight-up false data, bayotch.

Nick Pulliam, a student at Bluegrass Community and Technical College, will undoubtedly regret telling a reporter his real name, said of the event: “I feel a lot of it was propaganda – it made you kind of feel stupid.” That’s right. He may have been mistaken enough to give his name to the press when getting all SP up in there, but even a community college student was smart enough to recognize the scifaggotry as the propaganda campaign it was. Nick Pulliam of BCTC, you pass!

Still, Nick is a communications junior. He would know propaganda when he sees it. Perhaps that’s an unfair way to assess Scn’s prop skills. Then again, another student stated, “To me, most of it seemed like a (communication) [sic] class or a psychology class.” Well, I’m sure it’s probably nothing like the “free communications course” CoS tries to get everyone to take (for newfags: a “course” designed solely as a honeypot to lure well-meaning folks into the cult). . . Clearly they saw through the sham as well; is OSA losing its edge? Well, maybe–that student turns out to have been an advertising major.

I guess the lesson here, OSA, is don’t try to bullshit burgeoning bullshitters. Especially when those bullshitters are actually going to have a Bachelor’s in bullshitting–and a real B.A. too, not the kind where the A stands for “auditor.” And speaking of OSA, here’s what their rep had to say about the evening, including the criticism about how they didn’t actually answer a single question about what Scientology “believes”:

“It’s easy to find out what Scientology is about – it’s on the Web site, you can look that up,” Ghiglia said. “So we wanted to do a more experiential workshop because the heart of Scientology is help and communication.”

Well, we do agree with Ghiglia about one thing: it is on the website–www.xenu.net.

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