Keith Henson free, Fair Game again
March 6, 2008, 7:26 pm
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Keith Henson was quite recently released from prison after serving a four-month sentence for being critical of our favorite cult. One might assume this means he is a free man now, with all the liberties this entails–if one were an optimist. Welcome to American Justice, RPF-style.

While Keith is “free” in the sense that he is now out of prison, the terms of his probation include being “forbidden to do anything that bothers a Scientologist.” [Editor’s Note: Boy, I’m glad that my system-wide spell checker doesn’t recognize “Scientologist”.] “If I do anything that annoys a Scientologist,” Henson explains, “I go back to jail.” So in a way, yes, Keith is indeed free: free to not speak.

Yet Keith is also free in another, arguably more unfortunate, way. In the slammer, Keith had at least some degree of physical protection from Scientology’s hired thugs. Now out, he’s once again Fair Game, something to which Keith is certainly not oblivious. “I still fear for my life,” he told the Brantford Expositor.

So: no speaking critically about Scientology, despite the fact they will now likely go after him extralegally. In essence, then, Keith is not so much out of prison as he is simply living in a bigger, more dangerous cell.

Keith had tried to flee to Canada before being extradited back to the United States. The Canadian authorities say they’re still considering his application to live there. Heres hoping they decide in his favor. What must have seemed appealing before as an escape from a “justice” system bent on doing the cult’s dirty work, doubtless now it seems his only opportunity for not only safety, but peace of mind.

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